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Support our local small businesses and comic book stores! Find your favorite childhood toy or that one collectible you have been searching for. Come dressed up as your favorite comic book character, cartoon character, or any other character you would love to be!
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Hudson Valley’s Independent Artist & ComicBook Convention

The Hudson Valley’s newest independent artist and comic book connection focus on promoting our local artist and comicbook businesses and helping connect them with collectors. The Hudson Valley has a large selection of artists, Comic book stores, Comic book collectors, toys, and other comic-con vendors to buy from and support.

Our amazing vendors are all from and located in the Hudson Valley. This is a full day, one-of-a-kind experience that you will not find anywhere else. IACCON is the only comic con that will feature only local vendors and cosplayers, where all of the local comicbooks and other geeks can come together to share their passion with those in the region.

IACCON is presented by I Love Local Rewards, “where our local is your local”! I Love Local helps connect local communities with small, local businesses that provide them with their wants, needs, and solutions rather than choosing large businesses that will give subpar results.


Artists, Comics, & Cosplay! Oh My!

IACCON or Independent Artist & Comic Book Convention is a family-friendly event that focuses on supporting the local comicbook artists & stores, collectible toy sellers, and other comic-related businesses in the Hudson Valley. 

Families can help support these artists and vendors in their community while having a fun-filled day of sharing their love of all things comics!

We encourage everyone who is attending to dress as their favorite character whether it is a comic hero such as Spider-Man or Captain America or you want to dress as your favorite Stars Wars or Star Trek character, this is a judgment-free zone to dress as any character you want!

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art by Ryan G. Browne
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