IACCON Independent Artists & ComicBook Convention

Why we held this event!

The newest family-friendly comic convention in the Dutchess County and Hudson Valley region! Is your family big comicbook fans or are you looking for certain collectibles? This is the perfect event that your family can enjoy and even dress up as all of your favorite characters whether they are from comics or even your favorite movie or TV Show. (Note: please no Star Wars and Star Trek wars at the event, they are both great in their own, unique way).

There are very few events in the area that help to support our local comicbook artists, comicbook stores, and collectible stores. IACCON helps to connect these local artists and vendors to the local community as well as giving them a space with others in their industry where they can network as well as sell.


We also want all of our visitors to have a great time, so we highly encourage all of our guests to dress as their favorite characters. This event allows you to let out your inner geek and be in your glory of everything comicbooks!

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